About Sick Delicious

Hello world. This is my blog. I am a blogger. Well, sort of.

This blog is my attempt to FINALLY start keeping track of the delicious and not-so-delicious dishes I chef up here in Austin, TX.

Let me know if you try any of the recipes and feel free to ping me with questions!


11 responses to “About Sick Delicious

  1. Now I’ll finally get to taste what all the raves are about. And I was just shedding those extra pounds…

  2. How thrilled am I?? Seriously. Love your ramblings. And the few times I have been blessed with eating your handiwork, I have been amazed. Totally checking out the turtle brownies, among other things. Go girl. Go.

  3. Your daddy is proud of his baby.
    It makes me anxious for a visit to Austin

  4. It won’t let your father speak in his usual fashion. I am very proud of my daughter.

  5. I heart sick and delicious. Totally trying the carrot mac-n-cheese. Oh and that pie crust too.

    Torchy’s Tacos again soon?

  6. Okay. Now I am really impressed. I have been trying to tell everyone in the family that you were going to beat us all in the cooking department and so, here you have it! Thanks for creating this great forum to have a peek into your culinary explorations. Love you!!! Gwyn

  7. Your voice comes through so clearly in your writing. I can almost hear you when I read your delicious-sounding updates. Keep it up- so many great ideas. xox

  8. This is awesome! Evy and I checked it out and she is inspired for her own blog Evygoodcooking. She made homemade granola bars this week…very yummy. We definately see eye to eye on brunch and what makes it great šŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to see what inspiration Paris and London will bring to the blog.
    Much love,

  9. Miss you girl. Now there’s somewhere I can go when I want to hear your voice, AND eat your surprisingly simple, unbelievably delicious concoctions. love it.

  10. Megan Smale-ster

    This is my favorite blog. Period.

  11. You may want to credit where the blogged recipes originally came from, since the Tinga is taken directly out of a Cook’s Illustrated issue. You wouldn’t want to be accused of plagiarism.

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