Birthday dinner

Well, the birthday dinner was a big success. The table was covered with candles, bright colors and little toys. I hung old pics (mostly Polaroids) from the chandelier and got these great balloons that say “Happy Dumb Birthday.”

It all started off with my spicy acorn squash soup, topped with some crispy caramelized shallots:

You can see the carrot cake in the foreground, but here’s a better picture of its insane deliciousness:

In between those scrumptious bookends, I serves roasted asparagus (I should add that recipe) and this Tuscan chicken dish I made up a million years ago. Basically, you serve chicken cutlets with crisped prosciutto and a mushroom Madeira sauce on creamed spinach.  I came up with it when I was on that Devil Atkins diet. It was a keeper, though. Here’s a pic…

4 responses to “Birthday dinner

  1. Tell that lucky husband of yours I said Happy Birthday! I wish I could’ve eaten some of that! Love, Gwyn

  2. We are looking for a live in cook, one we can trust who won’t steal the silver. She has to be bright, funny, likes movies and books. It would be alright if she brought a husband or trustworthy significant other.
    She would , of course, be included in my will.
    Other fringe benefit include a respectible wine cellar.
    Comfortable household on first name basis

  3. Michael is one lucky bastard. That all looks delicious.

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