Pan seared lamb loin chops with mint pepper jelly

I’m back! I wish I could just blame travel or work or some other time-sucking obligation, but the truth is that I also sort of just fell of the wagon. It turns out that blogging is a lot like working out. I need to just do it really regularly, or my “4 day break” turns into a 17-day break. Not acceptable, people. Not. Acceptable.

Anyway, here is a dish I made during my break. I LOVE it, but I am a serious lamb lover. I also love mint with lamb, but think mint sauce is too sweet and one-dimensional. I got the idea for this jelly from a local restaurant, Lambert’s, that makes a homemade habanero pepper jelly with a little mint.

Serves 4

4-8 lamb loin chops (I only eat 1, but love having leftovers) at room temp

1 teaspoon curry powder

Kosher salt and pepper

1 Tablespoon veggie oil

1 jar pepper jelly (I use a 6 oz jar of habanero jelly, but use whatever)

1 Cup fresh mint leaves

1/4-1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (depending on your heat tolerance)

Make jelly

  1. Chop mint roughly and set aside
  2. Put pepper jelly in small pot or sauce pan and heat at low until warm and more liquid-y
  3. Stir in chopped mint and red pepper flakes
  4. Once warmed through, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. I occasionally add a dash (>1/2 t) of red wine vinegar to brighten up the flavors, but that’s your call. Set aside.

Make lamb

  1. Season both sides of chops liberally with salt and pepper. Sprinkle both sides with curry powder
  2. Heat oil in large skillet over high heat until very hot. Add lamb and sear for 4 minutes without moving. Peek at one- if a nice, dark crust has formed you can flip them all. If not, give them another minute.
  3. Cook on other side for about 4 more minutes. Your meat should be 135 degrees for MR and 145 for Medium

Let your meat rest for about 10 minutes, warm the sauce gently (if needed) and serve. We had it recently with just bruschetta and peas….

…and another day with tabbouli, focaccia and dilly green beans

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