Holy deliciousness

We had quite the super supper at the Feferdome on Saturday. M’s dad was in town, so we had his sis, her honey and some cousins over. 7 people- not so bad. Except Saturday was crazy packed and this meal was supposed to be a less of sorts for M’s sis. I wouldn’t normally pick such a large meal for a cooking lesson, but she doesn’t need much instruction anymore and I was happy for the help.

Anyway,  R requested that tabouli, pavlova and some salmon preparation be included. Those are easy, healthy, and can mostly be made in advance. Boom. I just needed to round it out with more of the same. So, here’s where we landed:

  • Appetizers: Dolmas, Castelvetrano olives, frozen spanakopita, and Linguica sausage (Portugese lamb and pork) with romesco sauce
  • Roasted king salmon with dill buerre blanc
  • Roasted beet and goat cheese towers with Mediterranean micro greens and vinaigrette
  • Tabouli
  • This delicious grilled eggplant dish that M’s cousin brought- yum
  • Individual pavlovas with almond Greek yogurt and mixed berries

It was really special.  Dang, I wish someone would upload all these recipes for me now.

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