Vegan-ish? Yes. Sick Delicious? Yes

I cooked up a storm in Week One of this little experiment. I would say I got an A in flavor and a A- for stick-to-it-ness. A few bumps, but not if you think of these as “guidelines”, right?

Anyway, hers are some of the real highlights:

Acorn squash soup: I just made this up on the spot, so I need to remake it and note the quantities. I’m including a draft recipe, but it is by no means final. My honey had surgery the day I made this- my thought was “sick honey…let’s make soup.” Turned out not to be the best idea. It was one of his favorite things I’ve ever made, but it was spicy and made his nose bleed. Not generally a good thing.

Indian lentils: Holy yum. I love love love green lentils, but have never cooked them in a way that really lived up to their potential. Until now.

Here are 2 pictures of yummy vegan dinners…

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