Pescado Veracruzano

This is one of my all-time favorite weeknight dinners. It’s fast, has super intense flavors and is a one-pot dish. It tastes just like a little Mexican beach town.  Taste the jalapeños before adding. If they are good and spicy, 2 will be plenty. Sometimes they are puny and you may want 3.  I usually serve this with crusty bread and a salad. If you don’t feel like making a salad, think about adding half a head of kale. Just wash it REALLY well, tear it into pieces and add in step 2.2 (with tomatoes, jalapenos, etc). It’s yummy and filling and full of iron.

2          thick, uniform pieces of firm, white fish like Cod or certified planet-friendly Sea Bass (about ¾ -1 lb)

2          T EVOO

1          small white onion

2-3       fresh jalapenos, seeded and cut into thin strips or rounds

2          cloves (or toes, as I call it) of garlic, sliced thin

2          tomatoes, seeded and cut into strips

2          T fresh oregano, chopped course

½         C  sliced green olives

1          C dry white wine

¾         C fish or shrimp stock (clam juice can be substituted if you’re lame)

1          lemon, juiced and zested

Salt & Pepper

  1. Cook fish
    1. Check your fish for bones, pat dry and season both sides with salt and pepper
    2. Heat a large, deep pan or pot over medium-high heat until hot, but not smoking. When hot, add 2 T EVOO and add fish. If your fish has skin, cook first skin-side up.
    3. Sear fish until golden brown, about 2 minutes. Flip and cook other side for ~2 minutes.
    4. Set aside on a plate and cover with foil
  2. Make soup
    1. Return pan to high heat and add remaining oil. When very hot, add onions and cook, stirring frequently until translucent and golden (about 3 minutes).
    2. Add the jalapenos, garlic, tomato, oregano and olives. Cook , stirring frequently, for 1-2 minutes, until tomatoes start to release their juices.
    3. Add wine, broth and lemon zest. Bring to a simmer and cook until the booze has burned off and the broth is slightly reduced, about 3 minutes
    4. Remove from heat, add lemon juice and any fish juices (from plate of cooked fish), and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.
  3. Serve soup
    1. Laddle broth into bowl
    2. Nestle fish into broth
    3. Let rest for 2-3 minutes to cool slightly and let fish warm through
    4. Eat with crusty bread

2 responses to “Pescado Veracruzano

  1. I had to Google EVOO. I’m a cooking novice.

  2. I am making this tonight! It looks so good. Going to the grocery store NOW. YUM.

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