Heavy apps?

Heading to Marfa on Wednesday for a fantastic New Years getaway. Have you heard of Marfa? It’s this random little town in waaaaaay South Texas that has been taken over by artists. Good food, good art, beautiful skies. It promises to be a worthy outing.

Our good friends, Steven and Eugene, are hosting a NYE party and I’ve signed up for some heavy apps. I need a few things that 1) I can make in advance, 2) can handle the 7 hour drive down, 3) will be easy to replate/heat/serve/whatever, and 4) are Sick Delicious.  A tall order, yes. But we can make it work.

I know for a FACT that one item will be a coffee bar [concept by the always Creative Carolyn..CC]. My hubby makes his good dark coffee, we pull out a bottle of Tia Maria (like Kahlua, but better and cheaper), I whip up some lightly sweetened whipped cream and serve some warm dark caramel sauce. Everyone can mix their own tasty treat. Easy, suitable for advanced prep, and consistently a huge hit with guests. Plus, it’s an especially good choice for NYE when everyone is trying to stay alert.  I’ll add the Caramel Sauce recipe and some pics later.

But what else? Maybe some caramelized onion dip with bacon and chives, served with kettle chips? Not fancy, but great for the munchkins and really, really good. I do a great adaptation of Emeril’s Seafood Cheesecake. That holds well, is filling and looks way harder than it is.  My hubby loves Baba Ghanoush with veggies and pita. I was also thinking a big platter of a roasted Caprese salad would be nice–  slow roasted tomatoes, fresh mozz, basil and a balsamic reduction. It doesn’t suck. Hmmmm…..

I’ll noodle on this and get back to you with the final menu and some recipes. Maybe a grocery list too? I wouldn’t mind having those organized for posterity

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